Export Food Products to Japan

Below you will find the flow of activity needed to import and launch your food products in Japan.
This is based on our Japan Market Entry: Sell Direct on Amazon Japan solution.
Average lead time for completion is 4-6 weeks.

indicates action taken by us

indicates action taken by you

Initial Consultation – in person or via Skype, telephone or email
Check import regulations for proposed products
with relevant Japanese government and customs sections
Provide quotation and agreement
Sign agreement & pay deposit (50% of quotation)
Provide List of Ingredients and Manufacturing Process
(examples of detail needed can be provided)
Translate and submit Ingredients and Manufacturing Process
to relevant Japanese government and customs sections for approval
Register an account with Amazon Japan
(straightforward but assistance available if required)
Provide Certificate of Corporation for Amazon Japan registration
Provide Certificate of Trademark Registration (if applicable)
Submit application to sell in the restricted Food Category
(can take up to 14 days for Amazon Japan to approve products)
Register your Brand Name with Amazon Japan for brand protection (if applicable)
Our staff take Amazon Japan’s online video and written test
(compulsory for selling items with an expiry date)
Provide you with a Product List Database spreadsheet template
(product name, barcode, size, stock quantity, retail price, etc.)
Fill out and return Product List Database
(along with accurate product images for all items)
Create Sell Pages for each product on Amazon Japan
(translating and optimising language for both appeal and SEO)
Create a Story Page Template about your brand and company
(for inclusion on all product pages)
Create Product Information Labels in Japanese in accordance with government guidelines
(Translation / Design / Government Check / Print)
Provide Sample Shipping Invoice template
Send your products to our warehouse in Osaka, Japan
(include shipping invoice)
Oversee customs clearance
(pay compulsory 8% consumption tax and any import tax, if applicable)
Create and keep on file an Official Record of Import
(compulsory under Japanese law)
Lodge shipment with Amazon Japan FBA Registration
Create FBA barcode labels
Apply Product Information & FBA labels to shipment.
Carry out Quality Control + repacking (if applicable)
Provide invoice for balance of fees + taxes
Pay balance of fees
Dispatch goods to Amazon Japan’s FBA warehouse
(Amazon Japan processing can take 2-3 days)

Your Amazon Japan Store goes LIVE!